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beer glasses

Oh Lager Beer it makes a good cheer!

Once the beer is poured into a glass and the right amount of head forms, one may possibly take a waft of beer under one’s nose before taking a sip! But, have you ever wondered what type of glass you are drinking from? What beer are you drinking?

Every beer lover has his or her own set of pint glasses sitting at their homes! May be a one stolen from their favorite pub or purchased from a quirky beer outlet! The collection of the pint glasses always seems to be growing! But, there are a wide variety of beer glasses to choose apart from the pint ones!

Does the glassware actually impact the flavor and aroma of the beer? How much does it actually matters? Is it a Pilnser? A Weizen? A Tulip Glass? Each beer glassware has its own set of unique characteristic! Some beers swear by particular beer glasses! In fact some beer glasses are designed to assist maintain the foam head of the beer, while the others are designed to help enhance the color of your brew! It is essential to understand that it is more than just a glass from which you sip your drink! It’s a whole delivery mechanism that brings out the specific flavors, colors and aroma of your preferred beer! The glass you choose has the intensity to twirl up your experience or just bring it down!

Well, for all the lager lovers out there, here’s a quick guide to choosing a right beer glass for your right type of beer, so that the next time you sip your brew, it makes you fall in love with it all over again!

Beer Mugs:

Incredibly robust, this handled beer glass makes for easy drinking and allows for plenty of volume! A beer mug helps to keep the beer cold for much longer as your hand isn’t directly on the glass! An American Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Scottish Ale or an English Bitter, when you think of drinking any of these, think of a classic old beer mug!

beer mug

Check out the Ritzenhoff Dartboard Beer Mug to add it to your shelf of beer love!

Weizen Glass

This glass shape, starting with a strong narrow base has a distinctive curve to it as it goes up and is designed for it’s shape and volume! Primarily used for wheat beers, this glass shape helps trap and encourage a thick foam head which intensifies the beer aroma and its flavor! While drinking a Weizenbock, Wheat Ale or DunkleWeizen, think of Weizen glasses!


beer glass

The Ritzenhoff Cheeky Rudolf Beer Glass will add that quirky element to your weizen glassware!

Pilsner Glass

This beer glass is tall and skinny with little or no curvatures as it goes up! This glass designed primarily for light beers showcases carbonation and color also helps the beer retain its head and bring out it’s true flavor profile! An American lager, a Pilnser, or Blond Ale are best to go with pilsner glasses!

beer glass

Think of Ritzenhoff Cheers Lady Beer Glass when you think of pilsner!

Tulip Glass

The curvy shape of the glass helps enhance the flavor and the aromatics of hoppy and malty brews. Tulips are preferred for strong beers or high gravity beers like triples and quads! Scotch Ale, Belgian Strong Ale, Belgiam Pale Ale are good to drink from a tulip shaped beer glassware!

beer glass

Ritzenhoff Measuring Utopia Beer Glass can be your perfect tulip beer glassware!


Pint Glass/ Shaker Pints

The most common beer glass used wide across. These glasses help with maintaining the cold temperature and allows for good aroma release making it suitable for pouring a wide variety of beer-styles! Usually used to serve American Ales, American Lagers, American IPA’s, Pilsners and light Lagers! Lover of pint glasses?

pint beer glass

Ritzenhoff Barbarian BBQ Beer glass is the one for you!

So, which one is your favorite beer glass? As, you can see there are wide variety of beer glasses to choose from! The next time you pour yourself a glass of beer, make sure you do it the right way so that you have an amazing experience of your favorite brew!

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