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  • All You Need to Know About Fall Decor

    Posted on by sukriti sharrma

    Fall Decor

    With a crisp turn of winds, Fall has officially fallen! As October marks the beginning of Autumn, we decided to help you get a seasonal makeover for your home. When we think of fall, we get these warm and cosy images of beautiful porches, with pumpkins and of course Halloween! But when you think of Fall and home décor, what pops into your head?

     Here are a few things that pop into our heads when we think of Fall home decor.


    The colours associated with Fall are supposed to be cosy and rich in tone. They reflect the seasonal change of natural life around, and add the right amount of warmth to your home. Shades of Orange and rich Reds are most definitely in! Along with them, it’s safe to also explore some daring colours like Mustard, Terracotta, Butternut, and Coffee! Prussian blue is the trump card (the only one worth using!) that can completely add a royal touch to the shade cards you’re already playing with.

    Autumn Fall Decor


    Fall is all about bringing the rustic into the house. A good mix and match of potpourri on display is one of the best ways of commemorating the change of season. Use elements from the season- twigs, leaves, nuts- to effectively channel the feel of Fall. A good potpourri is not only aesthetic to look at but also gives out a beautiful fragrance. Add spices like Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon into your potpourri to bring out the smell of Fall. Dried Orange peel is one of the best additions to your potpourri this season.

    Potpourri  Potpourri


    We’ve told this time and again, playing with lights in your home always changes the tone of warmth required. Candles are big this season. Ditch the artificial lights, bring out the beautiful candle holders or baskets and deck up your home with a wide array of candles. Spice-fragrant candles are of course the number one choice. Also go for coloured candles, to add the right touch of aesthetic drama. The candles can adorn your mantels and corners with ease and charm, undoubtedly.

    Candles Candles


    The change of season demands a change of upholstery around the house. Fall signifies the homecoming of Winter. Hence, while choosing fabrics for your upholstery, that’s the number one pointer to be kept in mind. Faux fur is one of the most quirky additions this season, which can work on your rugs and carpets. The other big fabric to do up your home with is plaid linens. Plaid can work on your curtains, cushions or even your couch depending on its tonality. Always go with the sombre tones of plaid for Fall.

    Fall  Fall


    This Fall, work on an extravagant yet simplistic centrepiece to completely level up on your home décor game. A Fall centrepiece most definitely includes everything natural- Candles, Seasonal Leaves, Exquisite wreathes, Seasonal fruits in a basket, Hay- they can all be decked up around your mantel or front porch or even your living space in the most rustic fashion. The use of Pumpkins and Lanterns adds to the drama in the most autumnal fashion imaginable!

     Fall Decor Fall Decor

    A seasonal makeover can always be hectic and stressful. Breeze through to go through our products and pick up some items to add to your Fall makeover, minus the hassle!

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  • Top Trending Products this Monsoon on Plüsch Decor

    Posted on by sukriti sharrma

    Monsoons have descended upon us and the weather is all gloomy and dull. Its pouring heavily, streets are water logged and there is way too much traffic on the road. So why not engage in some online shopping to beat the monsoon blues? 

    We bring to you a list of our top trending monsoon products that you can also buy and add to your collection.

    1) Ritzenhoff Hi Honey Beer Mug


    Who does not enjoy a chilled beer in hand? With Rakhi around the corner, gift your brother this Hi Honey Beer Mug and let him enjoy his pint full of happiness.

    2) Ritzenhoff Yoga Cow Milk Glass

    Let your children start their morning with a fresh glass of milk. Drinking milk from this Yoga Cow Milk Glass brighten ups your child's day and keep them fresh throughout. 

    3) Mini Succulents

    Bring in the feeling of being outdoors inside. Add the perfect green to your room by decorating these beautiful mini succulents and lift up the mood of the room.

    4) My Moment Tea Glass with a Lid

    Days are slightly dull, that definitely means some time for 'chai' and 'pakodas'. But why not enjoy teatime with your friends in bright-coloured My Moment Tea Glasses. It also comes with a lid to keep your drinks warm for long.

    There is also some good news for those who wanting to shop more. Plüsch Décor has Flat 40% on selected items this season. Visit our website, browse through our collection, enjoy our discounted prices and have a cheerful monsoon.

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