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  • 5 Ways to Decorate Small Spaces

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    Decorate Small Spaces

    Gone are the days when we could camp out on our own sprawling living rooms. With the ever growing space crunch in the big cities, small apartments that are fun and functional are the new thing to rave about.

    But with a small space, comes the challenge of being smart about every nook and cranny that you can salvage. So, here are 5 decorating tips that can help you style up your home and make it quintessentially you.

    #1 Double utility

    Who said vases are only meant to put flowers on display? With a set of cube-shaped vases like these, you can store your car keys and knick-knacks, all at an arm’s length without compromising on aesthetics.

    cube-shaped vases


    #2 Lighting is Key

    Proper lighting helps create a sense of depth with the right amount of shadow play. The trick is to select a lamp that best compliments the constricted space. You can also go for candle holders to create a soothing ambience which also does wonders for tiny corners of your apartment.

    candle holders

    #3 Colour me pastels

    Light shades are always known to create the illusion of space. Beautiful pastel shade artefacts around the house not only make for a pretty treat for your eyes, but will also open up your small space and make it breathable!


    #4 A Touch of Greenery

    Maintaining plants in a tiny space can become a daily hassle. Go for mini succulents instead! They are pretty, easy to handle and add a beautiful touch of greenery much needed in cramped spaces.


    #5 White-wash

    White is the saviour you may not need, but you most certainly deserve. Filling your corners up with items that are white, help conjure up an illusion of wider spaces, something that a small room most definitely needs!


    So now that you know the tips and tricks of decorating small spaces, why waste time? Shop at and turn these nooks and crannies into artistic corners. 

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