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    valentines day  

    PAs over-rated or over-hyped Valentine’s Day may seem, it does end up being one of those days you’d want your loved one to feel cared for and cherished. Be it a quiet candle light dinner, a weekend getaway or just a cozy night indoors, we all want to spend some quality time with the one who makes our heart skip a beat! A big part of these small annual rituals is also the art of gifting. A gift for a significant other is not just a hollow gesture to keep up appearances. Instead, it’s a representation of how much you understand that person and appreciate them for who they are.


    Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a few gift ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for your partner!



    If your partner loves to keep the spirits flowing then give them the gift of wine! But while you’re at it, get them a few quirky glasses to go with that aged perfection to woo them nice and proper!

    wine glass


    Is your partner the kind whose day doesn’t start without a cup of tea or coffee to get their kick? Give your partner some of the choicest mugs and tea cups to start off their day with! And snuggling in with a hot cup of coffee or a crisp brew of tea is definitely romance worthy!

    coffee mug


     May be the only thing your partner loves more than you is beer! Beer aficionados not only love the brew but everything that comes with it! Surprise them with a variety of beer glasses to add to their collection!

    beer glass



    Is your partner the kind who fails to keep plants alive and many potted plants have breathed their last under their reign? Well put an end to the horror and gift them succulents and faux greenery to keep around the house so they refrain from gardening for a long long time!

    gardening gifts


    If your partner’s a little bonkers, go for quirky gifts that can make put a smile on their face! Something like these salt and pepper cellars that can brighten up dinner table conversations or the piggy banks so your partner finally starts saving up!

    salt and pepper set

    Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming; with so much of talk and hype around it and the constant feeling that nothing you may do might be special enough. The trick is to keep it simple and remember that what counts in a gift is the thought that goes behind it!

    Check out some amazing gifts for your partners only at Plüsch decor.

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  • 5 Ways to Decorate Small Spaces

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    Decorate Small Spaces

    Gone are the days when we could camp out on our own sprawling living rooms. With the ever growing space crunch in the big cities, small apartments that are fun and functional are the new thing to rave about.

    But with a small space, comes the challenge of being smart about every nook and cranny that you can salvage. So, here are 5 decorating tips that can help you style up your home and make it quintessentially you.

    #1 Double utility

    Who said vases are only meant to put flowers on display? With a set of cube-shaped vases like these, you can store your car keys and knick-knacks, all at an arm’s length without compromising on aesthetics.

    cube-shaped vases


    #2 Lighting is Key

    Proper lighting helps create a sense of depth with the right amount of shadow play. The trick is to select a lamp that best compliments the constricted space. You can also go for candle holders to create a soothing ambience which also does wonders for tiny corners of your apartment.

    candle holders

    #3 Colour me pastels

    Light shades are always known to create the illusion of space. Beautiful pastel shade artefacts around the house not only make for a pretty treat for your eyes, but will also open up your small space and make it breathable!


    #4 A Touch of Greenery

    Maintaining plants in a tiny space can become a daily hassle. Go for mini succulents instead! They are pretty, easy to handle and add a beautiful touch of greenery much needed in cramped spaces.


    #5 White-wash

    White is the saviour you may not need, but you most certainly deserve. Filling your corners up with items that are white, help conjure up an illusion of wider spaces, something that a small room most definitely needs!


    So now that you know the tips and tricks of decorating small spaces, why waste time? Shop at and turn these nooks and crannies into artistic corners. 

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  • 10 Signs it's Time to Redecorate

    Posted on by sukriti sharrma

    You might not realise this, but change is necessary not only in your very essence of being but also the place you live in, that is, your home! The things you decorate your house with or use around the household everyday not only add to the beauty but also define your evolution as a person. But we realise that it takes a little push to get things going, so here is a list of 10 signs, which are screaming out to you that you need to redecorate!

    Classy with Glassy

      Do you catch yourself inching for the red plastic cups for every other house party that you host? Stop right there, take a U-turn and walk right away. Those cups are not only harming the environment (let’s pretend you care for a sec) but are a constant hassle that can be easily avoided if you just invest in some uber-cool beer glasses. They also send out a message that you’re super fun with the right amount of Classy.


      Ditch the past!

        We realise that vase was a house-warming gift from your uncle’s daughter’s niece’s best friend’s fiancé, and you absolutely loved it from the moment you set eyes on it. But it needs to go! That crack you tried to cover up is not working, and we sincerely advice you to put it in storage and get a new artsy vase for yourself. If not for yourself, think of the flowers!


        Gardening is not your forte.

          After putting to rest the umpteenth plant that has become a martyr under your reign, we don’t have to spell out that gardening is best left for anybody who isn’t you. So go for those elegant mini succulents, which are anything but alive and see your gardening skills go off the charts.


          Uncork in style!

            It’s high time you stop trying to pull that old party trick of uncorking a wine bottle with anything that is not a cork-screw. Put away the knife, the make shift uncorking device, save your teeth for dessert and invest in a sexy cork-screw that clearly gives out the impression that you understand how to live in style.


            Not a Wax Museum

              Every time there’s a blackout and you rush for a candle, you forget all about the mess that’ll be left behind. It’s not pleasant to scrub off wax nor is it justice for your floors and beautiful furniture. Sleek yet efficient candle-holders solve all the problems and they also add to the character of your home.


              Light it up!

                We understand you court darkness from time to time, but that’s no reason to keep your home drab and dull. Get your hands on some elegant lamps to jazz up your den to create a soothing aura of warmth.


                Beat Blues with Juice

                  Monday morning blues is hard on all of us. A fresh glass of juice helps kick-start the day in a less hostile manner (we’re hoping). You can elevate the juice drinking experience with a cool glass like this or at least try to create a sense of happiness as Monday prepares to suck the life out of you!

                  Save Fashionably

                    Remember how you keep running into loose change every time you’re vacuuming because you keep them lying around wherever? Well no more of that! A fashionably punk piggy like this must come to your rescue to keep all your change in one place with ease.


                    Little Black Vase

                      No, there is no such thing as too many hot vases. And you absolutely need one item around the house that can match the colour of your soul (we merely jest, of course!).


                      JUST DO IT

                        You know you’ve been lazy. Telling yourself you’re a minimalist is just another way of escaping the tedious task of going shopping for home décor. But that’s where we come in with our fabulous website so that you can sit at home, kick back and manage to make your home look gorgeous with a flick on your touchpads!


                        What are you waiting for? Shop at today!

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                      1. Top Trending Products this Monsoon on Plüsch Decor

                        Posted on by sukriti sharrma

                        Monsoons have descended upon us and the weather is all gloomy and dull. Its pouring heavily, streets are water logged and there is way too much traffic on the road. So why not engage in some online shopping to beat the monsoon blues? 

                        We bring to you a list of our top trending monsoon products that you can also buy and add to your collection.

                        1) Ritzenhoff Hi Honey Beer Mug


                        Who does not enjoy a chilled beer in hand? With Rakhi around the corner, gift your brother this Hi Honey Beer Mug and let him enjoy his pint full of happiness.

                        2) Ritzenhoff Yoga Cow Milk Glass

                        Let your children start their morning with a fresh glass of milk. Drinking milk from this Yoga Cow Milk Glass brighten ups your child's day and keep them fresh throughout. 

                        3) Mini Succulents

                        Bring in the feeling of being outdoors inside. Add the perfect green to your room by decorating these beautiful mini succulents and lift up the mood of the room.

                        4) My Moment Tea Glass with a Lid

                        Days are slightly dull, that definitely means some time for 'chai' and 'pakodas'. But why not enjoy teatime with your friends in bright-coloured My Moment Tea Glasses. It also comes with a lid to keep your drinks warm for long.

                        There is also some good news for those who wanting to shop more. Plüsch Décor has Flat 40% on selected items this season. Visit our website, browse through our collection, enjoy our discounted prices and have a cheerful monsoon.

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