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    hassle free makeover
    Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a huge difference in the way your room appears. Here are 10 easy ways to give your room a makeover without having to go through the hassle of completely redoing it.


    Clear the mess:

    room makeover

    The first, most important thing to do when considering giving your room a makeover is to clear the clutter. Getting organizers, removing the mess, clearing out space and arranging everything in a proper way, is the way to begin redecorating your room.


    Add a touch of green:


    Adding a plant in your room gives it a freshness and vibrancy that changes the feel of your interiors. It brings energy and life into your room and brightens up the ambiance. If you don’t have a green finger, adding artificial greens will also help.


     Rearrange the cushions:


    A few cushions of different shapes and sizes can add color and character to the room. Different patterns and bright colors can go a long way in changing the feel of the interiors.


    Rearrange the furniture:

    room decor

    It is amazing how just rearranging what is already there can change the whole feel of your room. Play around with the way your furniture is set up. Remove the rug, change the placement of your bed side table, move your bed a little and your room will have a whole new feel.


    Cover the blank walls:

    room decor

    Adding a few paintings or pictures to cover up the blank walls in your rooms can make a huge difference. Graphic prints are another option that can be considered. The way you decorate your room speaks about you as a person and adding art or photographs to your wall can make a huge difference to your interiors.


     Change knobs and handles:

    room decor

    Replace your old boring handles on drawers and almirahs with quirky, decorative ones. The little pop of colour will add a whole new dimension to your room.


     Don’t be scared to experiment:

    room decor

     Not everything in your room must match. It gets rather dull and boring, when everything matches. You can experiment and play around with the color and patterns. There need not be a particular color scheme at play. Having fun while doing up your room is the best way to give it a makeover.


    Accessorize your room:

    vases for room

    Add a vase to your room. Put some frames on your table. Decorate the little trinkets you have been saving up and give your room a whole new feel and vibrancy to it.


    Play with the curtains:

    room curtains

     The curtains give a lot of character to a room. Changing the curtains or experimenting with them can do a lot to change the feel of the room.


    Experiment with the lighting:

    room lighting

    Ambient lighting goes a long way in changing the feel and atmosphere of a room. Adding a few candles, or a new lampshade will change the essence of the interiors.

    It is always a good idea to start re-decorating your room. We at Plüsch Décor have a whole range of products you can choose from when you start re-decorating. Do visit us at Plüsch Decor to check out our collection.

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  • All You Need to Know About Fall Decor

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    Fall Decor

    With a crisp turn of winds, Fall has officially fallen! As October marks the beginning of Autumn, we decided to help you get a seasonal makeover for your home. When we think of fall, we get these warm and cosy images of beautiful porches, with pumpkins and of course Halloween! But when you think of Fall and home décor, what pops into your head?

     Here are a few things that pop into our heads when we think of Fall home decor.


    The colours associated with Fall are supposed to be cosy and rich in tone. They reflect the seasonal change of natural life around, and add the right amount of warmth to your home. Shades of Orange and rich Reds are most definitely in! Along with them, it’s safe to also explore some daring colours like Mustard, Terracotta, Butternut, and Coffee! Prussian blue is the trump card (the only one worth using!) that can completely add a royal touch to the shade cards you’re already playing with.

    Autumn Fall Decor


    Fall is all about bringing the rustic into the house. A good mix and match of potpourri on display is one of the best ways of commemorating the change of season. Use elements from the season- twigs, leaves, nuts- to effectively channel the feel of Fall. A good potpourri is not only aesthetic to look at but also gives out a beautiful fragrance. Add spices like Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon into your potpourri to bring out the smell of Fall. Dried Orange peel is one of the best additions to your potpourri this season.

    Potpourri  Potpourri


    We’ve told this time and again, playing with lights in your home always changes the tone of warmth required. Candles are big this season. Ditch the artificial lights, bring out the beautiful candle holders or baskets and deck up your home with a wide array of candles. Spice-fragrant candles are of course the number one choice. Also go for coloured candles, to add the right touch of aesthetic drama. The candles can adorn your mantels and corners with ease and charm, undoubtedly.

    Candles Candles


    The change of season demands a change of upholstery around the house. Fall signifies the homecoming of Winter. Hence, while choosing fabrics for your upholstery, that’s the number one pointer to be kept in mind. Faux fur is one of the most quirky additions this season, which can work on your rugs and carpets. The other big fabric to do up your home with is plaid linens. Plaid can work on your curtains, cushions or even your couch depending on its tonality. Always go with the sombre tones of plaid for Fall.

    Fall  Fall


    This Fall, work on an extravagant yet simplistic centrepiece to completely level up on your home décor game. A Fall centrepiece most definitely includes everything natural- Candles, Seasonal Leaves, Exquisite wreathes, Seasonal fruits in a basket, Hay- they can all be decked up around your mantel or front porch or even your living space in the most rustic fashion. The use of Pumpkins and Lanterns adds to the drama in the most autumnal fashion imaginable!

     Fall Decor Fall Decor

    A seasonal makeover can always be hectic and stressful. Breeze through to go through our products and pick up some items to add to your Fall makeover, minus the hassle!

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  • 10 Signs it's Time to Redecorate

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    You might not realise this, but change is necessary not only in your very essence of being but also the place you live in, that is, your home! The things you decorate your house with or use around the household everyday not only add to the beauty but also define your evolution as a person. But we realise that it takes a little push to get things going, so here is a list of 10 signs, which are screaming out to you that you need to redecorate!

    Classy with Glassy

      Do you catch yourself inching for the red plastic cups for every other house party that you host? Stop right there, take a U-turn and walk right away. Those cups are not only harming the environment (let’s pretend you care for a sec) but are a constant hassle that can be easily avoided if you just invest in some uber-cool beer glasses. They also send out a message that you’re super fun with the right amount of Classy.


      Ditch the past!

        We realise that vase was a house-warming gift from your uncle’s daughter’s niece’s best friend’s fiancé, and you absolutely loved it from the moment you set eyes on it. But it needs to go! That crack you tried to cover up is not working, and we sincerely advice you to put it in storage and get a new artsy vase for yourself. If not for yourself, think of the flowers!


        Gardening is not your forte.

          After putting to rest the umpteenth plant that has become a martyr under your reign, we don’t have to spell out that gardening is best left for anybody who isn’t you. So go for those elegant mini succulents, which are anything but alive and see your gardening skills go off the charts.


          Uncork in style!

            It’s high time you stop trying to pull that old party trick of uncorking a wine bottle with anything that is not a cork-screw. Put away the knife, the make shift uncorking device, save your teeth for dessert and invest in a sexy cork-screw that clearly gives out the impression that you understand how to live in style.


            Not a Wax Museum

              Every time there’s a blackout and you rush for a candle, you forget all about the mess that’ll be left behind. It’s not pleasant to scrub off wax nor is it justice for your floors and beautiful furniture. Sleek yet efficient candle-holders solve all the problems and they also add to the character of your home.


              Light it up!

                We understand you court darkness from time to time, but that’s no reason to keep your home drab and dull. Get your hands on some elegant lamps to jazz up your den to create a soothing aura of warmth.


                Beat Blues with Juice

                  Monday morning blues is hard on all of us. A fresh glass of juice helps kick-start the day in a less hostile manner (we’re hoping). You can elevate the juice drinking experience with a cool glass like this or at least try to create a sense of happiness as Monday prepares to suck the life out of you!

                  Save Fashionably

                    Remember how you keep running into loose change every time you’re vacuuming because you keep them lying around wherever? Well no more of that! A fashionably punk piggy like this must come to your rescue to keep all your change in one place with ease.


                    Little Black Vase

                      No, there is no such thing as too many hot vases. And you absolutely need one item around the house that can match the colour of your soul (we merely jest, of course!).


                      JUST DO IT

                        You know you’ve been lazy. Telling yourself you’re a minimalist is just another way of escaping the tedious task of going shopping for home décor. But that’s where we come in with our fabulous website so that you can sit at home, kick back and manage to make your home look gorgeous with a flick on your touchpads!


                        What are you waiting for? Shop at today!

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