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    hassle free makeover
    Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a huge difference in the way your room appears. Here are 10 easy ways to give your room a makeover without having to go through the hassle of completely redoing it.


    Clear the mess:

    room makeover

    The first, most important thing to do when considering giving your room a makeover is to clear the clutter. Getting organizers, removing the mess, clearing out space and arranging everything in a proper way, is the way to begin redecorating your room.


    Add a touch of green:


    Adding a plant in your room gives it a freshness and vibrancy that changes the feel of your interiors. It brings energy and life into your room and brightens up the ambiance. If you don’t have a green finger, adding artificial greens will also help.


     Rearrange the cushions:


    A few cushions of different shapes and sizes can add color and character to the room. Different patterns and bright colors can go a long way in changing the feel of the interiors.


    Rearrange the furniture:

    room decor

    It is amazing how just rearranging what is already there can change the whole feel of your room. Play around with the way your furniture is set up. Remove the rug, change the placement of your bed side table, move your bed a little and your room will have a whole new feel.


    Cover the blank walls:

    room decor

    Adding a few paintings or pictures to cover up the blank walls in your rooms can make a huge difference. Graphic prints are another option that can be considered. The way you decorate your room speaks about you as a person and adding art or photographs to your wall can make a huge difference to your interiors.


     Change knobs and handles:

    room decor

    Replace your old boring handles on drawers and almirahs with quirky, decorative ones. The little pop of colour will add a whole new dimension to your room.


     Don’t be scared to experiment:

    room decor

     Not everything in your room must match. It gets rather dull and boring, when everything matches. You can experiment and play around with the color and patterns. There need not be a particular color scheme at play. Having fun while doing up your room is the best way to give it a makeover.


    Accessorize your room:

    vases for room

    Add a vase to your room. Put some frames on your table. Decorate the little trinkets you have been saving up and give your room a whole new feel and vibrancy to it.


    Play with the curtains:

    room curtains

     The curtains give a lot of character to a room. Changing the curtains or experimenting with them can do a lot to change the feel of the room.


    Experiment with the lighting:

    room lighting

    Ambient lighting goes a long way in changing the feel and atmosphere of a room. Adding a few candles, or a new lampshade will change the essence of the interiors.

    It is always a good idea to start re-decorating your room. We at Plüsch Décor have a whole range of products you can choose from when you start re-decorating. Do visit us at Plüsch Decor to check out our collection.

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    DIY Home decor

    With the present condition of our planet recycling is hugely important to sustain and take care of it. However, our efforts to recycle need not be restricted to the government, the municipal authorities or waste management companies. We as individuals can also contribute and help and have fun while doing so. There are awesome and creative ways to recycle your old stuff which you can take advantage of.

    Every time we clean our house we wind up with a lot of stuff that we simply throw out without reconsidering that it can be reused and recycled to make something useful. Sometimes trash is not just trash, and it can be transformed and used in a million other ways. And if you can’t make something useful out of your old stuff, you can still probably make something beautiful!

    Being committed and responsible towards caring for your environment and planet is the duty of every individual and we should all do our bit towards it. Here is one way you can use waste to transform it into something useful.

    DIY vases from old bottles: 

    Did you recently have a house party and have a lot of bottles lying around? Transform your trash into beautiful vases that you can use to decorate your house.  There is nothing more satisfying than being able to create something using waste.

    Things you would need:

    • A few bottles, or mason jars
    • Warm soapy water
    • Acrylic paints
    • Newspaper
    • Syringe
    • Bowls

     First of all, start by collecting all the bottles. The more variety you have in terms of shapes and sizes the more you can experiment and play around.

    Recycled bottles

    Soak the bottles in warm soapy water and give them a good wash. Remove all the labels and stickers that are on the bottle.

    diy projects

    In a bowl mix some acrylic paint with a little bit of water. Take a syringe and fill it with the paint. Empty the paint in the bottle and spread it coating all the sides evenly.

    diy crafts

    When all the sides of the inside of the bottle have been covered evenly in paint, turn the bottle upside down and leave it to dry. All the excess colour will drip away and the bottle will be evenly coated.

    recycling old bottles

    Once the bottles have all been painted in the same or assorted colours according to your preference, they can be used as vases.

    DIY recycled home decor

    We hope you enjoy making these vases. Jute ropes, motifs,etc,can be used to decorate the vases further. Let your creativity guide you in enjoying this process of creating something useful and beautiful.

    For more vases and home-décor items you can always visit us at Plüsch Decor.

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    valentines day  

    PAs over-rated or over-hyped Valentine’s Day may seem, it does end up being one of those days you’d want your loved one to feel cared for and cherished. Be it a quiet candle light dinner, a weekend getaway or just a cozy night indoors, we all want to spend some quality time with the one who makes our heart skip a beat! A big part of these small annual rituals is also the art of gifting. A gift for a significant other is not just a hollow gesture to keep up appearances. Instead, it’s a representation of how much you understand that person and appreciate them for who they are.


    Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a few gift ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for your partner!



    If your partner loves to keep the spirits flowing then give them the gift of wine! But while you’re at it, get them a few quirky glasses to go with that aged perfection to woo them nice and proper!

    wine glass


    Is your partner the kind whose day doesn’t start without a cup of tea or coffee to get their kick? Give your partner some of the choicest mugs and tea cups to start off their day with! And snuggling in with a hot cup of coffee or a crisp brew of tea is definitely romance worthy!

    coffee mug


     May be the only thing your partner loves more than you is beer! Beer aficionados not only love the brew but everything that comes with it! Surprise them with a variety of beer glasses to add to their collection!

    beer glass



    Is your partner the kind who fails to keep plants alive and many potted plants have breathed their last under their reign? Well put an end to the horror and gift them succulents and faux greenery to keep around the house so they refrain from gardening for a long long time!

    gardening gifts


    If your partner’s a little bonkers, go for quirky gifts that can make put a smile on their face! Something like these salt and pepper cellars that can brighten up dinner table conversations or the piggy banks so your partner finally starts saving up!

    salt and pepper set

    Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming; with so much of talk and hype around it and the constant feeling that nothing you may do might be special enough. The trick is to keep it simple and remember that what counts in a gift is the thought that goes behind it!

    Check out some amazing gifts for your partners only at Plüsch decor.

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    Home Decor History

    Home Décor as we know it today is a long and evolutionary process that came into being after intense sociological changes that occurred throughout history.

    It is common knowledge that home décor has surely evolved from the early ages when cave dwellers started painting on walls. These paintings would be made from colourful dyes that were extracted from plants. Soon it is believed the aesthetic of decoration with elements of personal sentiment or just artistic richness were coveted. But it took a long time for home décor to come into existence in its full form.

    Plusch Decor

    In the ancient ages, décor was indeed a luxury around the home that only the ruling class had access to. Throughout civilisations it has been seen that the rich and ruling strata of a society could afford investing in home décor. Be it lavish artefacts with stones and materials sourced from all over or intricate works of art that adorned the floors and walls of the rich, décor was limited to a certain section of the society.

    The Roman Empire in particular is remarkable when it comes to luxury home décor. From mosaics, to rich tapestries to pioneering a central heating system for their homes, it is truly commendable as to how home décor and planning was an integral part of their lifestyle.

    As the Middle Ages came flooding in, home décor became more about culmination of everything that was happening all around. With the Renaissance taking centre stage, and new discoveries and artistic expression finding its way, home décor got a new face to it. Art was nurtured by religious institutions along with the ruling classes which meant that hanging art around the house started to become a proper element of home décor.

    Plusch Decor

    In India, with the Mughal empire ruling with full swing, a lot of cultural exchange took place. New designs and means of decorations along with architectural novelty started to seep into the styling sensibilities of people. Due to India’s variegated social and political history, the various cultural elements that found its way into peoples’ home is truly fascinating. Owing to the British Raj, a lot of Anglo-Saxon elements of décor made their way into our households.

    It’s important to look at home décor from an international purview, owing to the fact how things that trend abroad leave their mark in our country as well. The Industrial Revolution was a turning point in Home Décor. That is when items of home décor were finally a public commodity owing to mass level production of exceptional craftsmanship and simultaneously, the items being affordable enough for the common people. In the turn of the 19th century, feminist author Mary Haweis wrote “One of my strongest convictions, and one of the first canons of good taste, is that our houses, like the fish's shell and the bird's nest, ought to represent our individual taste and habits.” This paved the way for something as revolutionary as the profession of an interior designer. Home décor slowly became a hobby and eventually spiralled into a full blown profession that it is today, for many people.

    Plusch Decor

    In the 1920s home décor was all about the excesses that were perpetuated by the “American dream”, the grandeur of the Art Deco era and not to forget the emergence of Hollywood movies. This met with the Bauhaus movement in Europe which was all about having a modernist take on one’s home.

    As the 30s came knocking, came also the Great Depression which severely cut down on the excesses of the previous era and made home décor more about functionality and efficiency than about putting up a fantastic display. This mental frenzy stayed till late 40s until after the World War came to an end and people finally could be at peace. The concentration of family orientated design was more, paying attention to the kids’ rooms and a room for the family to be together in. Bright florals paired with pastels were all the talk back then. Wallpapers found their way into walls and carpets also became a regular in households. With this came new inventions that made their way into the households and started to become a part of how the décor of a household is planned out.

    Plusch Decor

    Cut to the 60s and we’ll be able to chart the ascension of home décor into a different frenzy altogether. Owing to the influences of the Hippie Culture that started blooming all over, a lot of bright, happy colours coupled with a wide range of prints started to make their way into homes. Artists like Andy Warhol revolutionised the print and art culture that dominated households. The weird additions to styling and home décor continued all the way through the 90s. In the 90s VCRs, DVDs and television in the living room became standards all throughout. The world became an oyster with rapid globalisations and the internet making everything easily accessible.

    Plusch Decor

    As we approached the 2000s our sensibilities regarding home décor started to stabilise and focused more on functionality that is packed with elegance. The excesses of the earlier decades are gone and we have increasingly looked towards smart furniture and accessories within the house that goes with the smart technology that we have learned to embraced.

    With increased space crunch and refined sensibilities in today’s world, slim trimmings of the excessive home décor trend of the earlier decade was necessary to complement our new necessities and sensibilities. It’s all about comfortable and contemporary elements in the house that redefine our sense of utilising our spaces.

    Plusch Decor

    To decorate your home with the same sense of contemporary chic, visit Plüsch Decor to browse through a wide range of exclusive products made just for the décor fanatic in you.

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    Wine Drinking


    “I love how wine continues to evolve, how every time I open a bottle it’s going to taste different than if I had opened it on any other day. Because a bottle of wine is actually alive – it’s constantly evolving and gaining complexity. That is, until it peaks – like your ’61 – and begins its steady, inevitable decline.” -Virginia Madsen as Maya in Sideways

     Every time you pour in a glass of wine it’s an amazing trip somewhere. Wine is just not a bottle of fermented goodness; it is a learning experience in itself! Well, are you a lover of the classic full bodied red Cabernet sauvignon, or have a taste for the light and sweet flavour of Chenin Blanc? It’s all about this magical drink and the mystical journey it takes you through!

    Wine comes with its own set of complexities and rules. If not respected, it might not treat you with the all love!So, here we will help you with important rules to keep in my mind, every time you pour yourself a glass!

    Shape matters 

    A proper glass will make any wine taste better. It’s about choosing the right glassware for the right wine!

    White wine-

    White Wine Glasses.


    White wines are usually served in smaller bowled glasses. This is because it helps to preserve the floral aromas and also help maintain the cooler temperature. The smaller bowled glasses help deliver more aromas even better. Giving a quirky twist to it, Plüsch has an exclusive range of white wine glasses for you to choose from!

    Red Wine -

    Red Wine Glass

    Typically Red wine glasses are a bit taller and have a larger bowl than the white wine glasses. In general, Red wines are bigger and bolder wines so they require a larger glass to allow all those complex aromas and flavors to emerge. Setting aside the typical classic glasses Plüsch has alternatives to jazz up your red wine sessions!

    Serving at the right temperature 

    Wine has a complex chemistry that changes with temperature. The purpose of having the right serving temperature is to release the best possible aromatics in the glass without ruining its taste.


    The optimal serving temperature for Red wines should be between 62-68 degrees. Whereas, white wines probably served between 49-55 degrees.

    Pouring a standard serving 

    Wine Pouring

    Pouring the right amount of wine should be taken care of as we also like to have enough room to swirl and sniff it without splashing it all over the place, which could happen easily if the glass is too full. The glassware from Plüsch is artistically designed to let your wine bring out its perfect aroma! Usually, a standard bottle of wine contains just over 25 ounces so it’s common to see it measured out into five-5 ounce (150 ml) per serving.

    How do you hold your glass of wine? 

    Wine holding


    Holding a wine glass like a wine connoisseur? So, once you pour in your drink, how do you mange to handle the top heavy glass? You might hold it between your thumb and forefingers or pinch at the stem or the base. Well, there are various social ways to hold your glass. However, all stemmed glasses (red, white) are generally to be held towards the base of the stem between the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The other fingers will just rest on the base naturally.

    Now that you know the essentials of drinking your favourite beverage almost to its perfection, next time you pour yourself a bottle, check out some fascinating wine glasses at Plüsch Décor and elevate your drinking experience!


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