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  • Trending Colour Palettes for Home Décor

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    Colour Palettes

    As the year slowly nears an end, it’s time to think of make overs of the serious kind! A serious makeover, requires serious pondering. The most important aspect is to go down to the basics and start from scratch. When you think of makeovers, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. The end product must be the absolute essence of your vision. And that starts with envisioning the colour palettes you want to work with.

    Therefore, today we are going to present to you some of the hottest colour palettes that are trending this season and you can consider for your home.


    When it comes to determining colour, Pantone is the go to reference. For the year 2016, Pantone released two beautiful pastel shades called Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue. Together they created a peaceful yet charming combination, hence soon becoming a popular colour palette. For the upcoming year 2017, Pantone has predicted an array of colours and combinations that we can expect to create a buzz. We’ll talk about a few of them that absolutely caught our eyes.

    Colour Palettes

    At Ease Palette

    The At Ease colour palette is a brilliant mix of both earthy and delicate colours. The feel of the colour palette will at once make you feel centered and breezy. It is perfect for living rooms that leave a space for conversations. Things like succulents and vases would look perfect as the central decor items to bring out the most of this combination.

    Colour Palettes


    Flourabundant is a colour palette for the ones who know how to take the bold way out. Rich pink, mauve and fuchsia tones are used to instill a fun and flirty element into your surroundings. This colour palette will shine the brightest in a room. A perfect place where you expect a lot of activities and parties to take place. Quirky household products like glasses or accessories with fun prints would go absolutely well with this palette!

    Colour Palettes


    The colour palette Reminiscence is for those who know how to appreciate timeless beauty. As the name suggests, this colour combination evokes an old world charm juxtaposed against our daily, modern lives. It’s perfect for a study area that houses your accolades or things from the past. Choosing the right source of light with the help of quaint lamps or candleholders can bring out the perfect ambience this colour palette tries to conjure.

    Colour Palettes

    Behr  introduced 20 new colours compressed across three broad categories for the year 2017. The categories are Comfortable, Compressed and Confident. The palettes have been curated with an eye for detail and intrigue, to best fit one’s personality like an old sock.

    Comfortable Palette

    This entrance has been created with the colours of the Comfortable Palette. The pastel shades of pink, grey and the bright yet subdued touch of yellow defines the indulgent essence that can be created using the colours from this palette. Notice how the use of white decor items compliments the colour tone.

    Colour Palettes

    Composed Palette

    The Composed palette is all about deep earthy colours and jewel tones. This bedroom that has been constructed according to the palette, thereby giving out a mysterious yet reassuring vibe. Also, it exudes an aura of serenity combined with the right amount of luxury.

    Confident Palette

    Are you aware of the term “Subdued Drama”? No? Well we just invented it because that’s exactly the kind of aura the Confident Palette gives off. The bold and rustic colours mix together to give off a sultry and sublime effect, without much effort. This Kitchen area has been done up with the colours of the palette and it has just the right amount of extravagance and fun! Also, pairing it with funky glassware and crockery will add the right amount of jazz to this palette.

    Colour Palettes

    Copper Pink

    Apart from these wonderfully exciting colour palettes, one particular colour has absolutely made us go weak in the knees and that is Copper Pink!If smartly and modestly used, especially on your metal arrangements, this colour can add the right dash of class and finesse to your delicate surroundings.

    Colour Palettes

    These colour palettes are bound to make you dizzy with ideas and an influx of creativity. The best way to choose what suits you most is to calmly flip through each option and narrow down to what comes closest to your ultimate vision for your home.

    Meanwhile, it’s also important to pick up the right items to decorate your space that adds to the flavour of your choice of colours. Check out some home décor items and explore what can go best with your choice of colour palette, at Plüsch Décor.

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  • 5 Ways to Decorate Small Spaces

    Posted on by sukriti sharrma


    Decorate Small Spaces

    Gone are the days when we could camp out on our own sprawling living rooms. With the ever growing space crunch in the big cities, small apartments that are fun and functional are the new thing to rave about.

    But with a small space, comes the challenge of being smart about every nook and cranny that you can salvage. So, here are 5 decorating tips that can help you style up your home and make it quintessentially you.

    #1 Double utility

    Who said vases are only meant to put flowers on display? With a set of cube-shaped vases like these, you can store your car keys and knick-knacks, all at an arm’s length without compromising on aesthetics.

    cube-shaped vases


    #2 Lighting is Key

    Proper lighting helps create a sense of depth with the right amount of shadow play. The trick is to select a lamp that best compliments the constricted space. You can also go for candle holders to create a soothing ambience which also does wonders for tiny corners of your apartment.

    candle holders

    #3 Colour me pastels

    Light shades are always known to create the illusion of space. Beautiful pastel shade artefacts around the house not only make for a pretty treat for your eyes, but will also open up your small space and make it breathable!


    #4 A Touch of Greenery

    Maintaining plants in a tiny space can become a daily hassle. Go for mini succulents instead! They are pretty, easy to handle and add a beautiful touch of greenery much needed in cramped spaces.


    #5 White-wash

    White is the saviour you may not need, but you most certainly deserve. Filling your corners up with items that are white, help conjure up an illusion of wider spaces, something that a small room most definitely needs!


    So now that you know the tips and tricks of decorating small spaces, why waste time? Shop at and turn these nooks and crannies into artistic corners. 

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