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    For those of us who live in the scorching tropical weather for most of the year, winter is a respite! And with an adequate amount of respite, comes a whole lot of bliss that the season brings - putting to rest the old and getting ready for the new!

    Winter requires us to get prepared for the change in the air. And with that, it’s important to embrace the change into our homes as well.

    Much like our Fall home décor guide, today we are going to present to you some of the trends of the year that have cropped up specially for the seasonal chill! This season, take a cue from your favorite old movies from the golden era because the roaring twenties are here to stay! Industrial looks meeting extravagance, give your home a little bit of luxury loving!

    Here are 5 top trends of the season that you can incorporate into your homes this winter.


    As is customary for winter, the mood turns somber and so does the color palette. Grey's are still going strong, with different shades of it thrown together to accentuate the various hues of it. The other big color palette to explore is royal shades of blue - Midnight, Prussian, Ink. It adds an element of sophistication to your home without being too overwhelming.

    Winter decor


    Continuing from the Fall, Faux fur rugs have found a firmer place around the house. Adding to that are hide rugs that come in rustic tonalities. Sheepskin exudes a warm and quality texture when used around the home in reserved amounts. Also, Denims are back! A lot of Denim fabric around the house adds a sense of jadedness that agrees with the season. Woody elements around the house are also coveted as it adds to the element of warmth. Knitted and woven fabrics are, without a doubt, also must haves.

    Winter decor


    Metallic accents are big this season. Explore different accents of metallic hues - coppers, bronze, steel and also combinations of them to give rise to more delicate tones. Pairing them with floral patterns brings out their rustic elements properly. Metallic accents can be incorporated into the house not only through color palettes but also through various pieces installed around the house - from décor items to exquisite fixtures.

    Winter Decor


    It’s important to balance the metallic and dark elements of the trend with something that accentuates as well as contrasts them. Incorporate a lot of Natural elements into your home. Logs, firs, pines, acorns - they can all be used to decorate mantels and tables and bed-sides. Wreaths on the door also add to the festive season while serving key decorative aspects. Create centre pieces on porches with as many natural elements as you can get your hands on. Plants around the house are perfect additions to tie it all together.

    Winter decor


    Extending the industrial influence in décor from metallic, glass is also a show stealer this season. Colored glass induces a retro flavor around your home and is a breath of fresh air amongst all the somber elements we were already playing with. Mirrors with intricate panels are just as much important this season. Silver and copper detailing on the mirrors incorporates more metallic to glass and brings a touch of exuberance around the house.

    Winter decor

    The key is to go back in time and re-imagine your house against a few older decades to tie it all together. Don’t forget to add festive elements in abundance, making way for Christmas decorations and that New Year’s do you might hold in your home!

    Winter decor

    For more décor inspirations and to get a hold of gorgeous accessories to add to your winter decor revamp around the house, visit Plüsch Decor right away!

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