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    valentines day  

    PAs over-rated or over-hyped Valentine’s Day may seem, it does end up being one of those days you’d want your loved one to feel cared for and cherished. Be it a quiet candle light dinner, a weekend getaway or just a cozy night indoors, we all want to spend some quality time with the one who makes our heart skip a beat! A big part of these small annual rituals is also the art of gifting. A gift for a significant other is not just a hollow gesture to keep up appearances. Instead, it’s a representation of how much you understand that person and appreciate them for who they are.


    Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a few gift ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for your partner!



    If your partner loves to keep the spirits flowing then give them the gift of wine! But while you’re at it, get them a few quirky glasses to go with that aged perfection to woo them nice and proper!

    wine glass


    Is your partner the kind whose day doesn’t start without a cup of tea or coffee to get their kick? Give your partner some of the choicest mugs and tea cups to start off their day with! And snuggling in with a hot cup of coffee or a crisp brew of tea is definitely romance worthy!

    coffee mug


     May be the only thing your partner loves more than you is beer! Beer aficionados not only love the brew but everything that comes with it! Surprise them with a variety of beer glasses to add to their collection!

    beer glass



    Is your partner the kind who fails to keep plants alive and many potted plants have breathed their last under their reign? Well put an end to the horror and gift them succulents and faux greenery to keep around the house so they refrain from gardening for a long long time!

    gardening gifts


    If your partner’s a little bonkers, go for quirky gifts that can make put a smile on their face! Something like these salt and pepper cellars that can brighten up dinner table conversations or the piggy banks so your partner finally starts saving up!

    salt and pepper set

    Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming; with so much of talk and hype around it and the constant feeling that nothing you may do might be special enough. The trick is to keep it simple and remember that what counts in a gift is the thought that goes behind it!

    Check out some amazing gifts for your partners only at Plüsch decor.

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  • Exclusive Gift Ideas for Rakhi

    Posted on by sukriti sharrma

    Exchange of gifts between siblings has become an integral and one of the most anticipated parts of Rakhi. The brother-sister bond and love is so unconditional that it deserves gifts as boundless. We, at Plüsch Decor understand this and have put together a list of exclusive gift ideas for your brother / sister.

    Gift Ideas for your Sister 

    1. Ritzenhoff Breakfast at Tiffany Coffee Mug

    Gift Ideas  for your Sister

      The classic movie has been an all time favourite amongst women all over the world. As a result, this Ritzenhoff Breakfast at Tiffany themed coffee mug is bound to bring a smile on sisters who are movie buffs as well as complete coffee addicts.

      Buy at:

      2. Ritzenhoff Tell me More Red Wine Glass

      Gift Ideas for your Sister

        Everyone likes to relax with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. The exceptionally designed Ritzenhoff Tell me More Red Wine Glass is ideal for sisters who love wine as well as designer glasses.

        Buy at:

         3. ASA Carve Design Vase

        Gift Ideas for your Sister

        Gift these ASA Carve Design Vases available in different sizes to your artistic sister who loves to adorn her house with aesthetic products. Moreover, this is also a great present for those who are fond of decorating their homes with flowers.

        Buy at: 

        Gift Ideas for your Brother 

        1. Ritzenhoff Travel Essential Beer Glass with Coasters

        Gift Ideas for your Brother

        The Ritzenhoff Travel Essential Beer Glass with Coasters is an ideal gift for brothers who love to travel and cannot do without their daily pint of beer! It also a great gift for those who have a fetish for designer beer glasses.

        Buy at:

        2. Ritzenhoff Pug Latte Macchiato Glass

        Gift Ideas for your Brother

        All our brothers start their mornings with either tea or coffee. Gift them the designer Ritzenhoff Pug Latte Macchiato Glass so that they enjoy their morning beverage in stylish way. You score bonus points if your brother is a dog lover.

        Buy at:


        Still looking for more options? Check out our collection at

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      1. How to choose a Father’s Day gift

        Posted on by sukriti sharrma

        Almost two weeks to go until Father’s Day 2016 and odds are you haven’t gotten your father a gift, but the big question is what to buy? Choosing a good Father’s Day gift is a notoriously difficult task and that’s where the cliché about ties come from. But with a little thought about what your dad might want, what he likes to do with time, you’re sure to come up with something great!

        So this Father’s Day, forget the traditional and go for something different. But make sure it’s the kind of different that fits your dad’s personality and preferences. Here are some ideas on how to get started:

        1. Assess your budget

        Using creativity and not big bucks can sometimes help you find the perfect gift. Not every gift that you buy needs to have a huge price tag. When you have a range in mind stick to it.

        2. How does he spend his free time?

        Does he watch a lot of TV? Run? Golf? Go boating? Walk? Read books? Grill? Travel a lot? Drinks coffee? Loves his beer or wine? Whatever your father likes to do with the time he has to himself is a great place to start.


        3. What does he need? 


        Keeping his favourite thing in mind, try and find him something that will help him with it. Is his favourite show House of Cards, then maybe you could buy him a Netflix subscription or a box set? Does he like running? Then get him some new trainers and maybe an armband to hold his favourite running gadget. Does he love coffee/tea? Get him nice coffee beans or a different type of tea along with quirky coffee mugs or tea cups to enjoy his brew in. And if your old man loves his beer then buy him his favourite brew along with cool beer glasses from our wide range.

        4. Lastly, make it about him and not the glory of the gift

        If you’re absolutely perplexed and have no clue what to buy and you think your decision might not be the right one, then your last and safest option is to buy him a gift card of his favourite store.

        But come on, we are sure you know your dad. Get creative because a gift card is boring! Still need some inspiration? Why don't you check our collection out?


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