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    hassle free makeover
    Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a huge difference in the way your room appears. Here are 10 easy ways to give your room a makeover without having to go through the hassle of completely redoing it.


    Clear the mess:

    room makeover

    The first, most important thing to do when considering giving your room a makeover is to clear the clutter. Getting organizers, removing the mess, clearing out space and arranging everything in a proper way, is the way to begin redecorating your room.


    Add a touch of green:


    Adding a plant in your room gives it a freshness and vibrancy that changes the feel of your interiors. It brings energy and life into your room and brightens up the ambiance. If you don’t have a green finger, adding artificial greens will also help.


     Rearrange the cushions:


    A few cushions of different shapes and sizes can add color and character to the room. Different patterns and bright colors can go a long way in changing the feel of the interiors.


    Rearrange the furniture:

    room decor

    It is amazing how just rearranging what is already there can change the whole feel of your room. Play around with the way your furniture is set up. Remove the rug, change the placement of your bed side table, move your bed a little and your room will have a whole new feel.


    Cover the blank walls:

    room decor

    Adding a few paintings or pictures to cover up the blank walls in your rooms can make a huge difference. Graphic prints are another option that can be considered. The way you decorate your room speaks about you as a person and adding art or photographs to your wall can make a huge difference to your interiors.


     Change knobs and handles:

    room decor

    Replace your old boring handles on drawers and almirahs with quirky, decorative ones. The little pop of colour will add a whole new dimension to your room.


     Don’t be scared to experiment:

    room decor

     Not everything in your room must match. It gets rather dull and boring, when everything matches. You can experiment and play around with the color and patterns. There need not be a particular color scheme at play. Having fun while doing up your room is the best way to give it a makeover.


    Accessorize your room:

    vases for room

    Add a vase to your room. Put some frames on your table. Decorate the little trinkets you have been saving up and give your room a whole new feel and vibrancy to it.


    Play with the curtains:

    room curtains

     The curtains give a lot of character to a room. Changing the curtains or experimenting with them can do a lot to change the feel of the room.


    Experiment with the lighting:

    room lighting

    Ambient lighting goes a long way in changing the feel and atmosphere of a room. Adding a few candles, or a new lampshade will change the essence of the interiors.

    It is always a good idea to start re-decorating your room. We at Plüsch Décor have a whole range of products you can choose from when you start re-decorating. Do visit us at Plüsch Decor to check out our collection.

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  • DIY Candle Making Tutorials for Diwali

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    Diwali Candles

    With Diwali knocking at the door, it’s time you pick up your lazy self and get to work. The festive season demands a festive décor, and what could define Diwali more than pretty lights and candles around the house! As a certain Band reassures, “Lights will guide you home” let’s fix our homes up with the beauty of lights itself. Candle making is an exquisite art form. It’s easy and soothing and most importantly, very rewarding. The moment you are done making one, you can light it up and see your creation brighten up the room. DIY candle making for Diwali  also serves as beautiful gifts that can be exchanged with your loved ones. And the best thing about it is that it barely takes much time to make these candles! Once you have procured a kit for yourself, you are good to go, any time, any moment.

    Today, we present to you 7 beautiful DIY candle making tutorials that we’ve curated from the great Internet. Check them out and get inspired.

    Old, burned out candles?

    Have old, burned out, candle ends lying around the house? Don’t dare throw them out. This DIY candle making tutorial will teach you how to creatively use your chunks of waste candle wax and turn them into pretty wax melts to decorate your house with. Icing on the cake? Also, you’re recycling as well and doing your bit for the environment!

    DIY Candles

    Something in shape of cookies?

    Love cookies in the shape of pretty things? How about candles in the shape of pretty cookies? This tutorial will take you through 4 easy steps, and by the end of it, you’ll be staring at pretty cookie candles. Apart from your DIY candle making kit, all you need is cute cookie cutters to get this done. You can also get the kids involved in this one!

    DIY Candles

    Makeover of boring candles

    Did you discover old boring candles tucked inside forgotten corners while cleaning up this Diwali? Take those candles and give them a make-over. This simple DIY candle making tutorial will teach you how to use flowers or leaves to decorate your plain white candles. Hence, they look simply enchanted and can be pulled off in no time at all!

    DIY Candles

    Rose candles

    Getting a little acquainted with the process, are we? Let’s try to have more fun. This tutorial will teach you how to make insanely cute rose candles in the simplest way possible. They can complete change the look of any room and glam the place up instantly.

    DIY Candles

    Eggs never out of fashion

    Easter may be long way from home, but eggs are never out of fashion! This tutorial will patiently teach you how to make crazy, colorful, egg shaped candles. They not only look quirky, but also add a fun element around the house. The pastel shades used in the tutorial are very enticing, but you can go all out and choose any color you’d like!

    DIY Candles

    Some artsy candles

    Home-made candles can look like a perfect piece of art, if you know the tricks to go about it! With this tutorial, you will learn how to make evocative and artsy candles without even using any hot melted wax! All you will need are beeswax sheets and a wick, and you are good to go. Hereafter, these candles look like they have been intricately crafted, even though it will take you no more than two minutes to get it done!

    DIY Candles

    Pretty teacup candles

    Turn pretty teacups into pretty teacup candles with this tutorial. Apart from your candle making kit, all you need are pretty, quirky teacups to seal the deal with. Apart from being ridiculously easy, they change the décor game of any room and is a complete masterstroke!

    DIY Candles

    These simple DIY candles can light up your home in the prettiest manner possible. Put them on mantels, tables, shelves, windowsills and even your bathroom. But don’t forget to pick up the right kind of candle-holders for your creations. Such delicate candles need the right amount elegance in their candle-holders to effectively shine. And when making the teacup candle-holder, it is essential that you possess the right kind of cups that can totally turn the feel of a room around.

    So once you’re done dipping your fingers in hot wax, check out some beautiful candle and tea light holders along with quirky teacups on Plüsch Decor to wrap up your candle making session in style!

    Candle Holders

    Candle Holders


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