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Decorating your home is nothing short of Art. And when art meets home décor, that’s when the real magic begins! Nothing brings a beautiful home together more than some striking pieces of artwork here and there, adorning your walls. And if you are an art junkie, paintings and pieces of modern art may become the focal point of your design layout for your home.

Today we will give you a complete 101 on artwork around the house. We will try to cover the most important aspects of curating artwork for your home and how to go about bringing the best out of them.

Selecting artwork for yourself is of course a purely subjective standpoint. As we already know and as is true for any home décor item, your art is an extension of your personality, the proverbial “who you are”. But You can dare to push your boundaries and let the art you choose be a separate entity outside your personality. You can end up falling in love with a piece that may be so different from who you really are, and hey, that’s the beauty of it! The first rule of art is that there are no rules.

The setting:

The kind of artwork that you hang in your bedroom would differ from what you put up in your living room.

Your bedroom is a lot like your escape from the world, your comfort zone to be your most authentic self, without restrictions. The art you select for this space should ideally be a reflection of JUST that! Subtle tones, relaxing strokes, basically anything that makes you comfortable in your own skin.


Your Living Room along with your dining space is the social zone- the place where you greet and meet with guests, throw parties, huddle with the family. The artwork here, would be conversational in nature. Something that brings out their most intriguing selves. Lively, refreshing yet comforting.



Your bathroom is not exempt from being privy to some art either. It is your most private zone that can be jazzed up as well. The kind of art you ideally should put up in a bathroom is serene and calm in nature, something organic and natural to its core.


Art sets the mood of your space just like the space itself is a canvas that paves way for the art.

The Basics

There are certain basics that one must keep in mind while hanging art in their home. From the hooks, to the lights to the proportions, each detail is important so as to do justice to the artwork.

As a rule of thumb, your artwork should be 6-12 inches above the furniture, and if there aren’t any furniture, the centre of the artwork should be 60 inches from the ground. When hanging many small pieces together, following a general grid pattern gives the set cohesiveness. But of course, going off grid can also be fun if done, well, artistically!


The lighting up of your artwork is also a key point, without which the entire beauty of your art would be lost. First, it’s important to understand what sort of light can fully elevate your piece, and then it’s important to decide where and what sort of fixture would be ideal to bring out the light. Be it the frames to which the light is attached or to a different fixture, away from the painting, it all depends on the wall, the items around it and of course, the art itself.



Collecting art for your home is nothing short of a journey in itself. So, it’s essential to understand the various places to look through so as to stumble across that one piece, which can make a statement on your walls.

The best way to go about it is to visit art galleries in your city and explore different genres and styles. While the work at art galleries may come at a steeper price, but the kind of work you get to bring home really do speak for themselves.You can also look for a variety of artwork online, get art prints of famous paintings, canvas stretches and a whole lot of independent work which you probably won’t get anywhere else!

The other more exciting thing to do is to drop off at informal exhibitions in cafes and pop up studios. It’s the best way to discover the work of struggling artists and they come at way more affordable prices as well. And if you have a friend, colleague or someone you know of who is an artist, in or out of your circle, encourage and sustain them and take a piece home.


While selecting an artwork and propping it up on your walls is an important aspect of contemplating décor layout, your other home accessories are just as integral to put it all together. Be it that one statement vase, those warm lamps or glassware around the counter tops, each piece plays a part in substantiating your artwork while standing tall on their own.

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