Posted on by sukriti sharrma

Almost two weeks to go until Father’s Day 2016 and odds are you haven’t gotten your father a gift, but the big question is what to buy? Choosing a good Father’s Day gift is a notoriously difficult task and that’s where the cliché about ties come from. But with a little thought about what your dad might want, what he likes to do with time, you’re sure to come up with something great!

So this Father’s Day, forget the traditional and go for something different. But make sure it’s the kind of different that fits your dad’s personality and preferences. Here are some ideas on how to get started:

1. Assess your budget

Using creativity and not big bucks can sometimes help you find the perfect gift. Not every gift that you buy needs to have a huge price tag. When you have a range in mind stick to it.

2. How does he spend his free time?

Does he watch a lot of TV? Run? Golf? Go boating? Walk? Read books? Grill? Travel a lot? Drinks coffee? Loves his beer or wine? Whatever your father likes to do with the time he has to himself is a great place to start.


3. What does he need? 


Keeping his favourite thing in mind, try and find him something that will help him with it. Is his favourite show House of Cards, then maybe you could buy him a Netflix subscription or a box set? Does he like running? Then get him some new trainers and maybe an armband to hold his favourite running gadget. Does he love coffee/tea? Get him nice coffee beans or a different type of tea along with quirky coffee mugs or tea cups to enjoy his brew in. And if your old man loves his beer then buy him his favourite brew along with cool beer glasses from our wide range.

4. Lastly, make it about him and not the glory of the gift

If you’re absolutely perplexed and have no clue what to buy and you think your decision might not be the right one, then your last and safest option is to buy him a gift card of his favourite store.

But come on, we are sure you know your dad. Get creative because a gift card is boring! Still need some inspiration? Why don't you check our collection out?